Tell us your questions about hyperacusis that you think should be answered by research...

What is hyperacusis?

Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder involving an increased sensitivity or decreased tolerance to everyday sound at levels that would not trouble most individuals. For the person experiencing hyperacusis everyday sounds can be unpleasant, intense, frightening, painful, and overwhelming and can cause anxiety affecting their quality of life. Even though more than 3% of children and 8% of adults have hyperacusis, there is a lot that is unknown about it.
We need you…
We need people with lived experience of hyperacusis, including adults or children experiencing hyperacusis, and parents, carers, teachers, members of the public and healthcare professionals who work with and support those who experience hyperacusis to help us identify the Top 10 “unanswered” questions that research should target.
Everyone can take part! We want ideas and questions about hyperacusis from people with different experiences and backgrounds.

What sort of questions?

We want to know the questions that you have about:
  • causes,
  • assessment/diagnosis,
  • management (treatment) of hyperacusis.
  • prevention/education,
  • care and support,
  • healthcare services for hyperacusis.
It is not necessary to provide a question for each category, as long as you tell us what is really important to you. Please write as much or as little as you like.

Do I need to check my questions have not already been answered?

No. The most important thing is to know about your experiences with hyperacusis. We want you to ask about something that is important to you, that you do not know the answer to. The team collecting this survey will turn your responses into questions and check that they haven’t been already been answered.

Why do this?

It is important that the research community know where best to target time and money. Once we have collected your questions, a second survey and meeting will prioritise the questions in order of importance. This will help us and other organisations to target research and funding.

This really is a unique opportunity to have your say and make sure that research addresses questions that matter to you and others like you.

“Completing this survey will help us direct research on hyperacusis for many years to come and help improve lives.”

What will happen to my information?

Your survey responses will be recorded anonymously, and any personal information you supply will be kept separately. We only collect contact details if you would like to take part in the next survey or hear about the results. You do not need to provide them if you do not wish to.

If you are happy to continue and complete the survey, please click "next".