Harry Singha Foundation - Youth Leadership Summit - Application

Application Form For Those Who Wish To Apply As A Participant "Youth Leader" At The HSF Youth Leadership Summit Africa, Kenya 25th-27th August 2017
Please Complete All Questions Fully To Ensure Your Successful Application.
[Please Note There Are Limited Places!]

* 1. Please Enter Your Personal Details Below

* 2. Please enter your Date of Birth


* 3. How Did You Hear About the HSF Youth Leadership Summit

* 4. Do You Know Anyone Else Applying/Attending?

* 5. How Will You Fund Your Place?

* 6. Please Confirm You Are Aware Of The Dates Friday 25th (Midday)  - Sunday 27th (5pm) August 2017
And Are Available.

* 7. Most Important Question! Please Answer Fully For The Best Chance To Secure Your Place.
Please share why YOU want to attend this Youth Leadership Summit - What do you expect and hope to gain from attending? Places are limited and we want to accept those who REALLY want to be there.

Thank You
We Will Confirm Your Application within 5 working days  
And will be subject to you submitting essentials forms [including parental/guardian consent]
If you know of another 13-17 year old that would really want to join us please do ask them to apply
via http://HSFYLS.com
If you have any questions please contact the team on:
email: office@hsfyls.com