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Welcome to the 2018 Nightline hotline volunteer training registration form. This form consists of 5 pages and will take about 20 minutes for you to complete. Thanks for your interest in Nightline!

Please fill out this first page with your basic information. We will use your contact details to contact you about training, so please enter them carefully!

Nightline is an equal opportunities charity. We will give priority to students that have more years left on their course, allowing them to volunteer for longer. If we are ever oversubscribed, we may also prioritise offering training to students who are at under-represented affiliated universities.

If you are successful, we will also conduct a standard DBS check that we will pay for. 

Please note, the final deadline for submitting an application is October 3rd, but we will be allocating places for those that apply early on 30th July!

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Note: You only need to fill out this form for hotline volunteering. However, you can do more than one role with us! For more information about the other two roles, see or email
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You do not need to have English as your first language to volunteer with us, and we have many international student volunteers. However, if your English ability would prevent you from being able to understand complex conversations and communicate fluently, we encourage you to wait until you feel more confident with English before volunteering!