Bedding made specially to help you beat the
Big Stable Health Risks

What's in the Survey?

This SUMMER EQUINE BEDDING survey is designed to help us identify the factors that you consider are most important when you're choosing bedding for your horses.

We know that the health and wellbeing of your horse is your top priority, but we hope this survey may highlight some of the key threats to your horse's health & wellbeing in the stable, and help us provide you with bedding that can help solve them.

What's in our goody bag?

As a thank you for taking part, we're offering a BEDMAX goody bag to the first complete entry we pull out in a Draw when the survey closes, including a voucher for 6 bags of BEDMAX, LITTLEMAX or FIBREMAX, a BEDMAX competition-compliant numnah, a BEDMAX hoodie, a BEDMAX headband and a BEDMAX mug.

That's a lot of BEDMAX, but like everything else we do we hope it will help promote our key message – that better bedding really can help you keep your horse healthier and happier in the stable. That's why we've been making BEDMAX shavings the way we do for the past 18 years, and the more we go on making the more we go on learning, and the more important we realise this is,,,

This survey and draw is open to all residents of the UK and Ireland aged 18 and over, and closes on Monday 21 August 2017.

50% of survey complete.
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