At Healthwatch Suffolk we are here to listen to your experiences of health and social care services in Suffolk, so that we can use your views to make services better. We work independently from the services that commission home care services. With your support, we can improve services for all.

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is care provided in a person’s home, sometimes it is called home care or ‘support to live at home’. Home care can include help with things like helping people getting out of bed, washing, dressing, getting to work, cooking meals, eating, seeing friends, caring for families and being part of the community.

Home care might also include emotional support at a time of difficulty and stress, helping people who are caring for an adult family member or friend.

Who might receive it and how is it paid for?

An adult may receive home care if they need support to live as well as possible with any illness or disability they may have.

Home care may be paid for by means tested support from Suffolk County Council (SCC). Care may be paid for through a person’s personal budget or a person receiving care may fund their care themselves. Some people may choose the option of having a SCC managed service. Their care will be provided by one of SCC’s contracted providers of home care, called ‘Support to Live at Home Providers’.

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