This is the first ever national census of hedgehog houses, brought to you by Hedgehog Street: a national campaign from People's Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. This survey is in partnership with the University of Reading and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

There is a lot of advice about how best to use hedgehog houses, but we need to do some research to be sure that this advice is well-founded and appropriate. The aim of this survey is to collect evidence that will help to guide people on how best to use hedgehog houses to help hedgehogs, based on the experiences of the thousands of you that already have them. However, please do not infer any guidance or advice on using hedgehog houses from the wording of the questions in the survey; we are just asking about your past experiences, not suggesting any particular course of action. So please do not disturb any hedgehogs or nests in order to complete this survey.  We will share the results with you and give guidance once the data have been collected and analysed.

If you would like to provide information about more than one hedgehog house in your garden, and if you have the time fill, please in the survey for each house separately.  If this is too much not to worry, please just select those that you know have been definitely used by hedgehogs.   But, just make sure that in the final question “Any other comments” please write “2nd house” or “4th house” etc.

Thank you very much! 

14% of survey complete.