Healthwatch Hackney is deciding its priorities for 2017/18. We do this by looking at the health and care work in the borough and assessing what are the important issues. This includes asking the public what are the important health and care issues for them.

Below we list our draft four key priorities. Please tell us if you agree or don’t agree with them. Also tell us if we should have other priorities.

* 1. Social Care - changes and cuts in services 

Why we chose this priority:
The Council is facing further cuts in its central government funding so it is having to reduce its services.

* 2. Early access to mental health services

Why we chose this priority:
Levels of mental health problems are on the increase.

* 3. Shift of services from hospital to the community

Why we chose this priority:
Local funders and providers want to shift more services into the community away from Homerton Hospital.

* 4. Access to quality information

Why we chose this priority:
We think it is important Hackney people have good quality information on services so they know how they can be supported.

* 5. Please tell us if there are other health and care issues important to you