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This survey is from your local Maternity Voices Partnership - a parent-led group of maternity service users and their representatives working together with people who pay for and provide maternity services in your area to improve your maternity care.

We are asking your views about how information is shared about choices in pregnancy (such as where to give birth) with women and their partners. We need to know the best way to share that information so it is quick, easy and clear for mums-to-be to see.

All responses are anonymous. A summary of the anonymous data will be shared with partners working with us to improve maternity care. (For more information about applicable data protection laws and our Privacy Policy please visit

The survey will take about 5 mins so please complete it to help us with this work. Thank you for your support!

Our first questions are about where you get information at the moment and why:

Question Title

* 1. Where did you get information about your choices in pregnancy, such as where to have your baby, what support you would like during your pregnancy, etc.? Please tick all that apply

Question Title

* 2. What made you feel this was the best place to get information?

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* 3. Is there anywhere else you would prefer to get information?
Please tick all that apply.

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* 4. What would help you get that information?

For example, do you need better internet access? More time with your midwife/GP/health visitor? Easier access to books about pregnancy? Information in a different language or format?

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