Welcome to Weight Watchers!
Congratulations on taking your first step towards being a happier, healthier you. We want to get you started as soon as possible and before we do so we need to check a few details to ensure you are eligible to join us for FREE:
  • Your BMI is over 30 - click here to use the BMI checker 
  • You are a resident of Hampshire
  • You haven’t attended Weight Watchers in the past 3 months
  • You are not pregnant
  • You are over 16 years old (16-17-year-olds need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
Thank you. Now we need to collect some personal information via a short questionnaire*
Once this has been completed we will:
  • Send you a welcome letter
  • Book you into your nearest meeting if this is not convenient please check out our website to find a more suitable meeting for you.  You can join at any meeting in the UK.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

*We will be in contact with you within 72 hours whether you’ve qualified or not.
Thanks in advance

* 1. How did you hear about our programme? (Please select one)

* 3. First name

* 4. Last name

* 5. Address

* 6. What is your ethnicity? (select one that applies.)

* 7. What is your date of birth


* 8. What is your current weight? (answer at least one of the metrics below)

* 9. What is your current height? (answer at least one of the metrics below) for example ‘6ft 2ins’ or ‘187cms’

* 10. What is your gender?

* 11. Email Address

* 12. Landline number

* 13. Mobile number

* 14. Do you have any long term conditions? (Please select all that apply.)

* 15. what is your main form of physical activity/exercise? (pick the one you spend the most time on per week?)

* 16. How many minutes a week do you spend on this activity?