About this survey...

The Students' Union at BU (SUBU) would like to find out how rent guarantor schemes work for students at BU.
This survey will take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete and your feedback will help us to understand how well the current rent guarantor options work for students and whether we should explore alternatives.
The feedback you provide here will be treated as confidential and anonymous and will only be used to inform SUBU's work on rent guarantor schemes. We will not share your individual feedback with anyone else for any purpose, and no individual student will be identifiable in any of the reports that we may produce about the feedback.
By completing this survey, SUBU will take this as expressing your permission for us to use your data in the ways described above.
You can cancel your permission for us to use your data at any time by contacting SUBU's Insight and Policy Department at suresearch@bournemouth.ac.uk 
Thank you very much for your time :-)

* 1. As a BU student, have you ever been asked to provide a UK rent guarantor?