In 2017, the States of Deliberation agreed to develop a ‘comprehensive Sports Strategy by July 2019’, including the funding needed make this strategy ‘real’ and not just ‘another report on the shelf’.

Since then, this questionnaire has been developed following initial feedback from:

Sports Commissioners and staff from the Guernsey Sports Commission;
Staff from the newly formed Health Improvement Commission;
The Physical Education Association (PEA).

Ideas and thoughts have also been included from a number of other national and regional sports strategies, as well as those already existing States of Guernsey aims and objectives.

It focuses on five key themes:

Question Title

This questionnaire is designed for individuals to complete – so you can voice your own opinions and personal views. There is also another questionnaire available for clubs and associations to complete. Although concentrating on the same themes, the questions do vary slightly in each version.

The questionnaire for clubs and associations will be sent to those relevant organisations via the Guernsey Sports Commission. However, if for any reason you wanted access to the clubs and associations version, and haven't received a link to do so, please contact Sam Herridge by calling 01481 709718 or alternatively e-mailing samantha.herridge@gov.gg.

17% of survey complete.