The Council is developing a Growth Strategy which will help Bexley meet the need for new homes and jobs. It will ensure growth is managed carefully to benefit local people. It will also bring benefits to transport connectivity, economic prosperity and the skills agenda.

We are consulting on our draft Growth Strategy from Thursday 18 May to Friday 14 July 2017. We are also holding a series of events throughout the borough. Visit for full details. Please give us your views by 14 July.

* 1. Bexley is growing. The Council needs to plan for this. The Draft Growth Strategy sets out the broad principles for what we think is good growth. Do you agree with these?

* 2. If not, why?

* 3. Do you have concerns about growth?

* 4. If yes, what are they and what would you add to the growth strategy to deal with these?

* 5. The growth strategy sets out visions for our five main growth areas which include high quality, denser, mixed use development around public transport hubs. What are your views on these plans?

* 6. Do you wish to make any other comments on the draft Growth Strategy?

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