Sound Connections is currently working on behalf of a music education organisation in order to understand in greater depth the needs and perceptions of prospective/current students and recent graduates from universities and conservatoires with regards to group teacher training.

The music education organisation in question are currently developing a training programme for university and conservatoire students interested in developing their teaching skills, particularly for group tuition and for working in schools. As a part of this development, the organisation want to engage directly with those students who this programme could benefit, in order to find out:
  • how much do students value training in skill development for group teaching
  • how much conservatoires/universities value teaching as a professional route
  • what training students currently receive
The data collected from this survey will be used to inform the content and design of the training programme.
We estimate that this survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
Many thanks for your valuable time and input.
Sound Connections