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Help Us Shape the Future of Geovation

Geovation is innovation. We work with start-ups who are creating products and services of the future; we look at how existing products and services can be used in new ways to solve local, national, and global challenges; and we facilitate conversations that spark ideas, collaborations and new ways of doing things.  

But things have changed since we began our story in 2009. So we're turning the lens of innovation on ourselves – how can Geovation change, adapt and thrive in a world that's constantly evolving? 

We want to hear your thoughts about how we can evolve Geovation.  What can we do more of? What should we do a bit less of? Are there new ways of working that we need to explore? How can we help you do bigger and better things? 

Please take this survey to help us create the Geovation of the future. Your point of view and feedback is important to us!

Take part for a chance to win!
As a Thank You for completing this survey you will be able to enter into a prize draw for a chance to win one of our high-end OS GPS devices. The relevant information is provided once you have reached the final survey page. 

Any personal data you provide to us shall be handled in accordance with our privacy policy outlined at
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