By 5 April 2018 all contractors with more than 250 staff should - by law – have published a report detailing the gender pay variations in their company. The details that must be reported are:

·       Their Gender pay gap (mean and median averages)

·       Their Gender bonus gap (mean and median averages)

·       The Proportion of men and women receiving bonuses

·       The Proportion of men and women in each quartile of the organisation’s pay structure

These details must be reported on the company’s own website, and on the dedicated Government gender pay reporting website

Full guidance on reporting is available at

Build UK and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association are looking at options to provide members with the opportunity to confidentially submit their data ahead of publication, and to compare their results with averages from other contractors. No individual companies data will be shared with any other company.

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* 1. In order to ensure a robust sample to create these averages, we want to confirm likely levels of support for this research. As such, if you would like to take part in this project, please can you provide your details using the following text boxes. Assuming there is sufficient interest from members, full details will follow to all who volunteer.