Order Form Requirements

Thank you for your interest in ordering free copies of Future for Book Week Scotland 2020!

Please read through this page before placing your order: 
  • This book is only suitable for ages 15+ as it contains some strong language and mature content.
  • Some questions are limited to a certain number of characters. If you need to enter more information there is a comment box at the bottom of the next page.
  • You will only be able to complete this form once. If you would like to order more copies at a later date contact Gordon Connelly on gordon.connelly@scottishbooktrust.com or phone 0131 524 0182.

Delivery information:
  • All orders placed on or before 3pm on Wednesday 16 September will be delivered from w/b 2 November.
  • Larger orders from libraries will be delivered from w/b 26 October.

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