Purpose: To better understand the translation profession and the people working within it by answering questions translators want answered, and to make this information available for free.

Work patterns, ethics, translation challenges, direct clients vs translation agencies, vetting clients, rates, current events etc.

Respondents: Freelance full-time/part-time translators from around the world.

Authors: Alina Cincan, Flo Bejgu, Lynda Joeman
Contributors: Dr Marta Stelmaszak Rosa, Rob Beswick, Ted R. Wozniak, Chloe Jepps, Dr Camille Collard, Dr Cyrille Ndjitat Tatchou, Dr Joseph Lambert, Ruth PartingtonCatherine Christaki, Allison Wright, Tess Whitty, Catharine Cellier-Smart, Simon Berrill, Caroline Alberoni, Yael Cahane-Shadmi, Lloyd Bingham, Serli Varjabetyan, Valeria Aliperta, Sarah Bawa Mason

Personal data: No personally identifiable information is collected, answers are 100% anonymous. 

Completion time: ~20 minutes

Closing date: 5 April 2020

Why participate:
 • You are contributing to important and valuable research that will help you reflect on the way you are working as a translator
 • For each complete survey, we will donate £1 (up to £250) to a charity of your choice
 • You can suggest questions/topics for future research

Final report: It will be available here (free). Estimated release date: end of April 2020.
2% of survey complete.