Photo Entry Form

Bridgewater High School and the Prosser family are proud to announce the 4th Frank Prosser Memorial Award – a photography competition open to all students at Bridgewater High School and Appleton College.

The theme for this year is "Nature in our Back Yard
(your garden, yard, street or local area).

There will be 2 sets of prizes - one for lower school and one for upper school (including the 6th Form)

1st prize: £50 gift vouchers & a framed print of the winning entry.

2nd prize: £25 gift vouchers and a mounted print.

3rd prize: £15 gift vouchers and a mounted print.

 There will also be up to 10 prizes of £5 plus a mounted print for highly commended pictures.
Pupils can submit up to 3 entries in to the competition. 
Please submit a new entry form for each photograph.

The competition will be open for entries from Mon 4th March and closes Friday 31st MayPhotographs have to be taken between 1/1/19 and 31/5/19 and must be submitted before the closing date.

Photographs will be judged by a panel and the winners will be announced in the Summer term.

Photos should be taken by the student entering the competition and can be taken on any device, but must be able to be enlarged to A4 without pixilation.  Please attach them to the email rather than embedding them in the message, as these cannot be used.

Question Title

* 1. What is your first name?

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* 2. Surname?

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* 3. Form?

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* 4. E-mail address?

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* 5. Write a sentence or two about your photo and how it fits the theme "Nature in our Back Yard".

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* 6. I confirm that the photograph is my own work and not subject to copyright. I agree to the use of my photograph on the school website, school coms system, promotional publications eg: leaflets, posters, display stands, on Video/DVD, press releases and any other social media platforms.

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* 7. Every year from all of the entries (not just the winning photos) we will select some photographs to offer for sale with half of the money going towards the next year's award and half going to a charity chosen by the Prosser family.
You will be given credit on a sticker on the back:
The Frank Prosser Memorial Award 2019
"Nature in our Back Yard"
"TITLE" Taken by: F Bloggs

(Full names and forms will not be used)

If you are happy with this (and also with us possibly producing a calendar in the future) please confirm below.
I give permission to offer my entry as part of this sale (if selected)

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* 8. The image entered for the competition includes people.  Please send me a permission slip for them to sign to say that they agree to the image being used.  PLEASE NOTE - photos containing people will NOT be considered without the return of this form.

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* 9. I have emailed my photo to
(please include your name and form with your photo and attach the image rather than embedding it in the message)

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* 10. Name of file uploaded: