Would you use a new hygiene advice service for food businesses?

We are interested to hear the views of people who already have or are thinking of starting a food business.
The Council has a lot of knowledge about the industry and we are considering  offering a paid for food hygiene advice service, that would help you set up, improve or maintain the high standards of your food business.
So this is for people owning or managing restaurants, cafés, home caterers, B&B's and hotels  and mobile food traders, nursing homes and nurseries and people selling food.
To make sure we provide what people want,we would appreciate your views on what we are thinking of offering and the costs we are considering. The advice would be tailored to you, but could include advice on cleaning, staff training, record keeping and management systems.

* 1. What kind of food business do you run or are thinking of running?

* 2. What stage is your business at now?

* 3. If you have a hygiene rating and don't mind sharing what is it currently?

* 4. How many staff do you have?

* 5. Of those listed below choose which town is nearest to you?

* 6. If you don't mind us storing your address and getting in touch, what is your email address?

* 7. Where do you currently get food hygiene business advice from?

* 8. If you use one and don't mind sharing their name with us, which company or consultant do you use?

* 9. We are planning on offering a paid for food hygiene advice service delivered by our trained officers. Would you be interested in using this service?

* 10. What price would you be prepared to pay for a consultation? What we would include would depend on the price paid.

  Yes No Maybe Don't know
£ 250 bespoke 2 hour visit
£275 bespoke 2 hour visit and follow up telephone call
£325 bespoke 2 hour visit with a written report
£375 bespoke 2 hour visit follow up telephone call and written report
None of the above

* 11. If you use a similar service what price do you pay currently?

* 12. What do you think are the two most important things for the service to provide?

* 13. Is there any food hygiene advice you have looked for which has been hard to find, but you would benefit from advice on?

* 14. Have you any other comments?

* 15. Where did you hear about the survey?

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