Background to this survey

Government policy has changed. For early apprenticeship standards, we were able to stipulate that we required a new qualification to underpin the programme. Moving forward, however, we have to provide evidence that qualifications are valued more widely across industry to justify them being used as a matter of course.

 If we do not specify a qualification, the danger is that:

·         Different qualifications are used and employers won’t have the peace of mind that a standard curriculum has been followed

·         Less scrupulous providers will just prepare learners for the end assessment, potentially not using a qualification at all and learners may miss out on a high quality learning programme.
If we include a mandatory qualification then this may improve the success of apprentices, as all apprentices will have reached this minimum standard before undertaking their end point assessment
So, we need your say on whether we should include a mandated qualification for the fishmonger standard and why or why not. All we need you to do is to answer the following 7 quick questions.

* 2. What are your views on the importance of the role of qualifications to provide rigour and consistency within apprenticeships? 

* 3. If you were to recruit a Fishmonger or Assistant Fishmonger would you request a qualification(s)?

  Essential Desirable Not required A good indication of expertise
A food safety qualification is
A substantial fish and shellfish qualification is
Other qualifications/experience are (see below)

* 5. Please provide information on your business/organisation

* 6. Would you be prepared to provide a letter of support that would indicate your intention to use the Fishmonger Standard when it becomes available?

* 7. Would you want to be involved in the further development of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship?

* 8. Please feel free to add any further comments here.  Many thanks for your contribution.