Filmmaking Research - Survey and Film Register

This survey is being undertaken by the Filmmaking Research Network, a UK Arts Humanities Research Council funded project.
Principal Investigator: Joanna Callaghan, University of Sussex, UK
Co-Investigator: Susan Kerrigan, University of Newcastle, Australia.
Ethical clearance has been provided through University of Sussex.
Why do this:
The information gathered will map and scope the quantity and qualities of filmmaking research within the UK and
Australian academic sector and also in other territories. The register will be used to create case studies of best practice and as a resource for further research and development including screenings and exhibitions. An expertise list for PhD supervision and examination will also result.
The survey should take 15 minutes and allows you to enter one film. You will need information to hand such as film synopsis, research statement etc.
A further three films can be inputted. This survey will be available until 31st August 2017.

To register a film:
If you have completed the first part of the survey and would now like to register a film you can. Please complete question 1 to 4 and then move through to question 18 and select ‘I have a film to register’. You will then be able to enter the details of your film.

Further information:

* 1. Filmmaker/Researcher
Enter your name as creator/maker/author of the work

* 2. Please select the country you work in?

* 3. Name of your University

* 4. Your email contact:
This is for FRN to contact you

* 5. Have you worked professionally in any of the following sectors?
If so please enter the number of years in the comments box provided

Filmmaking as Research

* 6. Do you see the filmmaking you do as research?

* 7. Research enquiry type.
What over arching terms do you use to describe your filmmaking research?
Rank the terms you use, if you don't use them leave them blank
Rank the items below, using numeric values starting with 1 being the most used

* 8. Does your University support your filmmaking research in the following way:
Select yes or no

  Yes No N/A
Internal research funding
Administrative support
Dedicated film equipment
Studio facilities
Technical support

* 9. Do you feel the status of filmmaking research has improved in the last decade inside Universities?
Please finish one of the sentences below

* 10. Are you on any peer-reviewing panels?

* 11. How long have you been active as a peer-reviewer?

  Up to 5 years Up to a decade or longer
Internal University Review Panel
Research council
Arts council
Industry Awards
Journal Peer-reviewer
Conference Peer-reviewer

* 12. How many post-graduate students are you supervising?
Please enter number of students you are supervising, if you have none please leave blank
Supervision at the full-time rate

* 13. How many post-graduate completions have you had in your career?
Please enter a number, if you have none please leave blank

* 14. Do your PhD graduates go on to work professionally in filmmaking and Screen Production?

* 15. Have you examined post graduate research in filmmaking?

  Zero 1 2 3 4 5 or more
PhD Thesis
PhD Creative Work
DCA/PhD Professional Doctorates

* 16. Would you like to list your expertise for PhD examinations and peer-reviews?
Please tick your selections.

* 17. PhD examination and Peer-review. Please list other categories that you have research expertise in not listed in Q16.

* 18. The next part of the survey offers you the opportunity to register a film work. You can enter up to four films. It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete the production and research information for one film.

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