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This survey is aimed at UK- and Irish-based film archives and other organisations that hold, care for and provide public access to moving image archive collections.   The survey is part of a strategic review of Film Archives UK (FAUK) conducted by Elizabeth Oxborrow-Cowan Associates and supported by funding from The National Archives.
The survey will help FAUK develop plans for how it supports members, organisations and individuals who work with historic moving image collections. It covers operational aspects of film archives and film collecting organisations.  
This is one of three surveys being undertaken for the project. The other two cover those working in film archives (paid and volunteer) and individuals who are Associate Members of FAUK.
The survey has 62 questions and will take approximately 50 minutes to complete and closes on Friday 30 April at 5pm.  You can exit the survey whenever you wish and return to complete it at a later date. Responses will be saved at the point where the 'Next' button is clicked but you must return to the survey on the same device. Please provide only one completed survey per film archive service. No question is mandatory but the more information that is provided the more comprehensive will be FAUK's understanding of the sector as a result.
The data will be collected anonymously (IP addresses will not be collected) by Elizabeth Oxborrow- Cowan Associates and analysis and results will not be attributable to individual repositories. FAUK will receive an anonymised analysis report but will not have access to individual responses. All data will be handled in compliance with UK GDPR and only used for the purpose for which it is being collected. A summary of the survey results will be made publicly available.

The survey asks for some specific data which you may wish to draw together ahead of answering the survey. The data requested is as follows:
Total number of items for each format your organization holds now and at the end of 2015 (if possible): Film; Videotape; Digital films (no of items); Digital films size in GB,TB or PB; Other formats e.g. stills, posters
How many FTE (full time equivalent) staff worked for the film archive service at the end of 2019/2020 and, if possible, 2014/15 under  the following categories :Primarily managerial; Primarily operational; Mix of managerial and operational; Permanent: Fixed term; Core funded; Project funded; Total staff FTE; Volunteers
The percentage (in terms of number of items) of your collections that are fully catalogued, partially catalogued and uncatalogued.
Figures for usage of the collections for 2019/2020 and if possible 2014/15 as follows: Total number of enquiries; No of enquiries from the general public/non-commercial users; No of enquiries from parent body; No of attendees at in-venue screening and screen heritage activities; No of attendees at virtual screening and screen heritage activities; No of views of your films online (any platform); Other (please describe)
What approximate proportion of income came from the following sources for 2019/2020 and if possible 2014/2015: Core funding (i.e. covers the core operational costs); Earned or commercial income; Grants/project funding; Donations; Other (please describe)
Sources of project funding over the last three years in decreasing priority i.e. the largest funder first

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Elizabeth Oxborrow-Cowan, 07719 609894, el
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