South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Female Firefighter Research

In South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, there are just 35 female firefighters out of 1,300 firefighters in total. We want to change that and this research will help us to understand what the girls and women who live in South Wales think about being a firefighter and how we can encourage more to apply. 

This questionnaire shouldn't take more than 5 minutes, but your answer could shape what we do next.

* 1. Do you think women can be firefighters?

* 2. What skills do you think a firefighter needs? (Please choose 5 options)

* 3. What do you think stops women and girls wanting to be a firefighter (Please choose 3 options)

* 4. How can we encourage more women to apply for firefighter roles? (Please choose 3 options)

* 5. What do you think is important when choosing a job? (Please choose 3 options)

* 6. Do you think there will ever be an equal ratio when it comes to female and male firefighters?

* 7. Why do you think other uniformed jobs, like the Police, have more women? (Please choose 3 options)

* 8. How old are you?

* 9. How do you self-identify?

* 10. Where do you live?

* 11. If you would be interested in being part of a focus group to help us further, please leave your name, email address and telephone number. Your contact details will not be shared with any third party organisations or partners linked to South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.