The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) has established this most prestigious award to recognise and honour outstanding contributions and distinguished service to the profession, both nationally and internationally.

Selection Criteria:
The nominee has made an exceptional impact on the occupational therapy profession over time in one or more of many areas:
·       Leadership
·       Development and promotion of the profession internationally
·       Education of occupational therapists
·       Publications
·       Research and innovation
·       Volunteering for the profession
·       Exceptional service

Award Privileges:
Life-long honorary membership in WFOT
Certificate and WFOT Pin
Name published on list of WFOT Honorary Fellows
Permission to use the post nominal letters FWFOT

Evaluation of Nominations:
In making a decision on the eligibility of the nominee for the award, the Nominations Committee shall examine only the evidence provided through the nomination. To assist in decision-making, the Nominations Committee may refer a nomination back to the nominators for further information or clarification.

The Nominations Committee shall consider the evidence provided in relation to the following factors:
·       Length of service
·       Types of service
·       Outstanding achievements within that service
·       Service that brought distinction to WFOT in the international arena

The Fellowship is awarded only on merit related to the eligibility criteria. It is an award of the highest order and will be rarely conferred. Evidence must be demonstrated of excellence and outstanding performance, over a number of years, in various aspects of occupational therapy. To be considered outstanding, the service must be considered well above and beyond what is usually expected.

Nomination Process:
Nominations for Honorary Fellow shall be submitted in English to the Nominations Committee.
Nominations must originate from a full member or associate member of WFOT.
Nominees should not be advised in advance.
Nominations shall include a maximum 3000-word summary that provides evidence to support the nominee’s service both nationally and internationally, in relation to the eligibility criteria.
The nomination also includes the nominee’s Curriculum Vitae or a summary that outlines professional experience, affiliations and special interests, specifically in relation to significant contributions to the profession, nationally and internationally.

Up to five Letters of Support should be included, addressing the Nominee's contribution to the profession in relation to the eligibility criteria and providing any further information relevant to the award. Letters of Support should not be provided by nominators and must include international sources, outside of the nominee's Member Organisation.

The nomination will be forwarded to the Nominations Committee for consideration.

The recommendation of the Nominations Committee will be reviewed by the Executive Management Team to ensure a fair process was used to consider the eligibility for the candidate for the award using the established criteria.

Successful award nominations will be announced at a fully constituted Council meeting of WFOT.

Closing date for nomination: 29 October 2021 by 5:00 pm in the nominee's time zone.

Nominations received after this date will not be considered. All questions must be completed within the specified word limits and include the required letters of support.