Young People's Experience of Shared Parenting

Shared Parenting Scotland is a small Scottish charity which aims to provide support for parents and their children who are suffering the consequences of divorce or separation.  I am an undergraduate psychology student of Glasgow University and I am carrying out this work as part of my summer internship with Shared Parenting Scotland. We provide advice to help parents maintain an adequate amount of contact with their children to support the emotional and behavioural development of the child. We encourage shared parenting arrangements, to enable children to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.  Involvement also includes sharing key decisions on education, health, religion etc.  We believe that both parents should have the right to see their child if it is safe to do so, and it is important to act in the best interests of the child.

Results of this survey will be used in a report that will review the literature from both sides of the shared parenting argument and present evidence of young people's experience of living under shared parenting circumstances.  We also want to investigate differences between those who have lived under shared parenting and those who have not, so even if you have always lived with both parents or only with one parent your input will be greatly appreciated. 

We would like to hear more about your experiences in a one-to-one or focus group setting.  All information collected in this survey and in our focus groups will be kept completely confidential and will be anonymised in the final report. 

Finally, if you are affected by any of the issues raised in these questions and would like to talk to someone, the contact details for shared parenting Scotland are: 
Telephone - 0131 557 2440
E-mail -

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* 1. Would you be willing to discuss your experiences further in a focus group or one-to-one interview setting?  If YES, please leave your preferred contact details in the comment box.

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