Nearly 500 expats have shared their invaluable knowledge. Thank you for sharing yours.

As an expat you will know the familiar sense of being out of your depth, of swimming in a sea of questions and of wondering whether anyone else feels just as unsettled. Your knowledge and insight will help me to write a book investigating how and why expats struggle with identity. I want this book to be like a comfortable pair of slippers, a mug of hot chocolate on a winter’s day or a hug from a friend. I want to make other expats feel understood and think, “yes, someone gets me” or “this is why I feel like this”. 

Based on your survey answers, I'd love to also contact you about participating in a focus group or interview. I will use the information to develop personal case studies. If you're happy for me to do this please let me know at the end of the survey.

Thank you for your contribution towards our expat community, and if you could share my survey link with other expats or repats I'd be very grateful.

Thanks again
Helen McClure

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