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HELLO! Do you run your own business or work from home/remotely on Exmoor? If so please help us to help you!

We have been commissioned by Exmoor National Park Authority to research the potential demand for a 'workhub' to be created on Exmoor, to support homeworkers, professionals/freelancers and other micro businesses in all sectors.
A workhub is a workspace which provides services to members as and when they need them - an alternative to taking a separate office away from home. Users can drop in to work, meet and access services, or can make use of virtual services. They can also be centres for collaboration and networking.

To understand the potential demand for an Exmoor workhub we need to find out about how you work today. But we also want to know what you want in the future: so we have included questions on ideas that might (or might not) appeal to you to help you grow your business.

Many thanks for taking part in this survey. Your input will be of great value in helping us to advise the National Park Authority on how such a facility might be set up and managed and what its costs might be. The survey should only take around 5-10 minutes, with most questions requiring just a simple checking of a box. However we do value the comments you make - so please do tell us anything you'd like us to know in the comment boxes.

It can be difficult to reach people who regularly work from home. Please can you help us to do this by passing on this survey to any friends/contacts who do so anywhere in the Exmoor area? Many thanks!

Exmoor National Park Authority has worked with the Local Enterprise Partnership to seek Government funding for a workhub, a new club workspace that can be used by a range of local micro businesses and projects. It has land at Wheddon Cross that it is prepared to use to make this possible. This is a site near the Market Enterprise Centre. This survey will help test demand for this idea and (if there is demand), investigate the best type of facility to create that will help people working across Exmoor.

You do not need to answer any question you find awkward. However we do want to stress that your identity will remain entirely confidential. The Authority will not see who has responded to this survey. Your anonymity WILL be protected unless you tell us otherwise. We are registered for data protection and will not pass your details on to any third party. We promise there is no risk of spam/direct mail resulting from your participation!

Want to know more about workhubs? Here are some sample workhub websites from around the UK:

This survey is being conducted by the Workhubs Network, a company specialising in advising on the best services and facilities for home-based businesses (www.workhubs.com). We run The Workbox and have helped many areas across the UK to set up their own workhub.