1. Purpose of this questionnaire:

This short survey should take less than 10 minutes of your time, but it will give you the opportunity to tell us what you think about your own (or your family's) personal experience of receiving Early Help services over the past weeks and months.
Since January 2016 Rotherham's Early Help & Family Engagement Service has been delivered differently using a team of professionals working from bases in local communities. The teams are known as 'Early Help Teams' and they are based across three localities in North, South and Central Rotherham.
This is new for Rotherham and we would like to know from you and your family and in particular from children and young people what we are doing well and where we could improve for the next family who need us.
Early Help is about making sure that all children and families have the best opportunities; to be safe, free from harm, ready for school and the world of work.  If you or your family (which includes babies, toddlers, children and young people) begin to struggle, help is available quickly to avoid issues turning into problems which may have more serious or longer term consequences.

The teams are led by Early Help Managers, overseen by a Locality Manager and they bring together professionals from a range of different services. These include the Family Recovery Programme, Targeted Family Support, Families for Change, Youth Offending, Integrated Youth Support Service, Children’s Centres and Education Welfare Officers, who are now all working together to support children, young people and families from the North, South and Central Early Help teams.
The information gathered during this survey will remain ANONYMOUS but will be used internally within the Council and may be shared with our partners to improve the service we provide to other families in Rotherham.  Any comments given cannot and will not be linked back to you or your family and will be remain confidential.
Thank You


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* 3. Please indicate the type of help or support you have received from the Early Help Team
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