Water safety management  issues currently facing healthcare organisations

Changes to published safety guidelines such as HTM 04-01 can sometimes cause confusion and raise uncertainties about implementation. These discussions are frequently raised during our water safety training sessions and form a highly valuable contribution to our training. We want to extend our debates to a wider audience and involve you. By taking part in this short survey you too can have a say about some of the changes that are causing a conversation with your colleagues in hospitals around the UK.

Please let us have your views on current water safety management issues currently facing estates teams. Just a few minutes completing these questions will help us understand the broader picture. The results will be available on our website later this summer.

* 1. Do you undertake a regular scalding risk re-assessment to identify where thermostatic mixing valves (TMV's) are required?

* 2. How frequently do you carry out maintenance checks on your TMV's?

* 3. Why do you carry out your TMV maintenance checks at this frequency?

* 4. Following a TMV maintenance check, should you find a faulty valve, how frequently do you replace it with a new one?

* 5. When replacing a faulty TMV, do you implement the manufacturers' in-service tests as required by HTM 04-01 supplement D 08?

* 6. If you have a rainwater and grey water system installed and operational, are you considering taking it out of service, following the changes to HTM 04-01?

* 7. If you contract out any part of your water safety provision, how do you ensure the external service provider is actively involved within the Water Safety Group (WSG)?

* 8. If you contract out any part of your water safety provision, please confirm whether or not you allow your service provider access to the latest version of  your Water Safety Plan (WSP)?

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