* 1. About you

* 3. What is your interest in prison education?

* 4. Which aspects of prison education are you most interested in?

  Very interested Quite Interested Not interested
Distance learning
Sports and physical education
Creative arts
Young people
Foreign national prisoners
Employment and vocational skills
Learning difficulties and disabilities
Teacher training and professional development
Re-entry / Resettlement
Higher education
Family relationships/parenting skills
Horticulture / gardening / animals

* 5. Please can you tell us a bit more about your work or interest in prison education?

* 6. How important are these different EPEA member benefits to you?

  Very important Quite important Not important
Sharing good practice
Discounted events and conference place
Training opportunities
Support to access European funding
Networking opportunities
Bi-annual Magazine
Electronic newsletters
Help to get research published
Partner search for European Funding

* 7. What training and webinar topics would you like the EPEA to offer?

* 8. What are the main barriers to prison education in your country?

* 9. Please use this space to share any examples of good or innovative prison education practice or research in your country.

* 10. Please use this space to tell us anything else about prison education in your country and what you hope to gain from being part of the EPEA.