Within this survey we want to find out what you and your colleagues think about touchless technologies and how they may assist with radiographic practice. For the purpose of this research, touchless technologies are defined as methods for actioning tasks within an imaging room, using either voice or gestures. Examples of these technologies are Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft XBOX Kinect (see images below).

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The results of this short survey (approximately 20 minutes) will help us understand how touchless technologies might be used in X-ray imaging examinations in the future. Your responses will remain completely anonymous and you do not need have expertise in any particular field to complete this survey. Study findings will be published in peer-reviewed journals and also presented at scientific meetings. If you wish to receive a copy of the study findings or a certificate for participating in this research details will be provided at the end of the survey. Ethical approval to conduct this research study has been obtained from the University of Salford. If, after completing this survey, you wish your data to be removed then please email stating the date and time the questionnaire was completed.

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