There is a vacancy to represent the the EFL League One and Two Network on the FSA's National Council. 

The election statements from the four candidates can be found at this link

In order to be eligible to vote, you must be a representative of an affiliated organisation whose club is in League One or League Two. Definitions of what constitutes an affiliate can be found below, and by casting your vote you agree that your organisation fulfils these criteria. 

You may vote for only one individual. The ballot will close at 5pm on 17th September. The result of the ballot is subject to ratification at the next meeting of the EFL League One and Two Network, which will take place on 19th September.

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3. Organisation represented

Definition of affiliate member

These will be a supporters’ group or Trust who fulfil a number of key criteria of basic sound governance and democratic principles. These requirements are:

- The organisation must have a written constitution
- Their membership must be open to all supporters of the relevant football club at an affordable fee
- The operation of the organisation must be independent of the football club (unless that organisation is a Trust that is the direct owner of its football club)
- The organisation must have a democratic structure and decision-making process, based on one member, one vote
- The majority of the organisation’s governing committee must be elected by the membership, either at a general meeting or by postal or online ballot
- The organisation must publish either audited or certified annual accounts or at least ones approved by its membership at an AGM
- The organisation must keep track of its membership, holding basic details of each current member
- The organisation must adopt a diversity policy (a template can be supplied)

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4. Please vote for one of the following candidates