The Royal College of Psychiatrists is inviting poster submissions for our 2020 Faculty Conference. All submissions will be reviewed ahead of the conference and successful authors will be invited to present their work as a poster.

1.      Abstracts must be in English. Abbreviations may be used only if they are defined.

2.      The abstract must not exceed 300 words (count does not include title or authors).

3.      The abstract must not contain bibliographical references, tables, diagrams or appendices. If accepted for presentation at the conference these can be added at a later date. 

4.      Abstracts must be presented in five headed paragraphs in the following order: 
Aims and hypothesis, Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.

5.      Submissions are accepted on the understanding that the work has been performed with the permission of any relevant ethical or legislative body. The authors should therefore ensure the work was conducted with appropriate ethical and governance safeguards.

6.      All sources of financial sponsorship of the study should be stated at the end of the abstract.

Please submit your abstract through the form below. The details you enter cannot be saved, to avoid losing your work please copy your abstract to the form from another document. 

The deadline for submissions is 7th September 2020

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