Taxi and Private Hire Policy Consultation 2017

Councils across Surrey are working to standardise their taxi and private hire licensing policies. We want your opinion of these changes. This will mean that a person who fails to get a licence in one part of Surrey cannot apply to another as all Councils will seek to apply the same standards across the County. ' and Convictions policy changes.
When determining whether an applicant is ‘fit and proper’ to hold a licence all Council’s will now consider criminal convictions plus additional factors such a general character and behaviour, non-criminal behaviour and other police information.

The consultation closes on 4th December 2017
New policy

* 1. If more than one applies to you choose the most relevant to you.

* 2. Do you agree with the relevant convictions and  free from conviction timescales included in the new policy when determining
if a person is ‘fit and proper’?

* 3. Do you think there are other relevant convictions that should be included in the policy when determining if a person is ‘fit and proper’?

* 4. Do you agree people banned from working with children or vulnerable adults will not normally be granted a taxi or private hire licence?