In this, the first part of our latest consultation, we're looking into how much you know about Dorset Police’s work to prevent vulnerability and hidden harm.

The Force employs people with a wide range of expertise, and many of these individuals undertake roles which are not visible to the public. Some of these are support roles, undertaking forensic testing or working to dismantle online crime groups; and others work covertly, with regional and national officers to dismantle county lines drug gangs or prevent local fraud carried out by international criminals.

These officers, staff and volunteers - and the organisations they work within - perform a vital role but they are often less well known by the public.

We believe it's important you understand that, aside from the more visible policing delivered in the county, our officers are supported by a wide range of specialists who can provide us with expertise and access to cutting edge technology.

Dorset Police does not exist in a bubble, but is part of a much wider policing world, made up of interconnected agencies all working together around the clock to keep you safe.

This survey, therefore, looks into the work of bodies such as the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU), the Forensic Capability Network (FCN), the National Crime Agency (NCA) and Action Fraud.

We want to find out about your views on the issues they deal with, as well as raising awareness of the work carried out by these organisations.

It's important that we hear the views of the public. Findings from previous surveys have helped shape the Force we are today and the information we collect from you over the next few weeks will help steer our future direction.

As ever, we are incredibly grateful that you have given us your time by answering these questions.

James Vaughan QPM

Chief Constable
Dorset Police

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* 1. The National Crime Agency (NCA) is the UK's lead agency against organised crime. The NCA is supported by Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs).

This summer, the South West ROCU assisted Dorset Police to take action against two suspected organised crime groups under Operation Venetic. It was part of the UK’s biggest ever law enforcement operation.

A series of warrants across Bournemouth led to 11 arrests for drugs and firearms offences, with £80,000 cash, around eight kilos of suspected Class A drugs worth around £300k and a firearm seized.

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