This survey asks for your views about reviewing regulations on taking dogs to the parks and open spaces in Reigate and Woodhatch.

These regulations form Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) for each park or open space. Where a person responsible for a dog does not follow the requirements of the PSPO/s, the council may issue them with a fixed penalty notice of £80 or, ultimately they may be prosecuted with a maximum £1,000 penalty on conviction.

These orders have been in place for three years and must now be reviewed before the council can decide whether to renew them or not. The aim of this survey is to gather feedback from park users about the orders.

You can only comment on one park or open space at a time on this survey but you can complete it more than once.

You can comment on regulations covering other areas via our website.  

Your data: No personal identifiable data will be collected in this survey. If you have any questions about the use of your data, please contact our data protection officer (
You can find out what the PSPO requires from dog owners on our website. Some parks have more than one PSPO covering them. These are summarised and explained on our website. We encourage you to read the information for your chosen park before answering the next questions.

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* 2. Do you support renewing the current PSPO/s for your chosen park or open space? You will have the opportunity to give comments in the next question.

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* 3. If you have comments or suggestions for changing the order/s, please tell us here. If you are commenting about a park which is covered by more than one order, please give details about the location/s in the park you are commenting on.
No comments? Go straight to the next question.

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* 4. What are the main purposes you use this park for? Tick your top 3.

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