Someone will be selected at random to win the entry prize of a personal private tour of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and Camber Castle with the distinguished Dr Barry Yates.

About this survey on Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Your input is needed to help us to understand what is needed by our Community and Visitors to improve the Visitor Experience and helps us get more of you involved in connecting with this incredibly special site.

Please help us to help you to work together to make Rye Harbour Nature Reserve a thriving and lovely place to visit, where people feel proud to be part of their community and feel involved.

This information will be used to apply for substantial funding to work with the communities in 1066 Country to create a diverse Centre for people to learn more about their natural heritage and the significance of the area.

Please do contact us if you have any questions or need any support in completing the Questionnaire:
These questions are about your experience visiting Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

* 1. Did you leave the reserve with more knowledge and information about?

  Not at all Not really A little Some A lot
The special plants and animals that live in the reserve
How special the salt marshes are
How special the shingle habitat is
The history of the local area
The heritage that exists on and around the reserve
How the reserve is constantly changing
How Climate Change and the sea has shaped and will continue to shape the coastline?
How you can get involved with the reserve
The events that take place throughout the year

* 2. Did you visit our Information Centre (Lime Kiln Cottage)?

* 3. If not, why? Please tick applicable statements (tick other if you DID visit)

* 4. A new purpose built sustainable visitor centre will improve the reserve through providing

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Indifferent Agree Strongly Agree
Sheltered meeting point with access for everyone
Reduce carbon footprint (solar etc)
Provide a vantage viewpoint across the reserve
Somewhere for families and friends to relax and enjoy
Somewhere for volunteers and staff to come together and support the visitors
Information to enjoy the reserve more fully
Art and Crafts exhibitions
Catering (promoting local produce and health and well-being)
Merchandise related to the reserve and area
Educational space for schools/universities/ workshops/training sessions
Opportunities for local businesses to get involved e.g. meeting room hire
Information about local history

* 5. Would you visit more frequently if the facilities were improved?

* 6. Would you stay longer if the facilities were improved?

* 7. If we were to put together a project to build a new visitor centre, what do you think the most important things we should be achieving?

  No interest Not important Undecided Important Very Important
Bringing the community together
Making new friends
Learning new skills to get a job
Getting fit and active
Improving the area
Running more activities for adults
Providing more activities for young people
These questions are about whether you volunteer or are interested in volunteering

* 8. Would you be interested in volunteering?

* 9. I am interested in the following volunteer opportunities (skip to Q10 if you are not interested in volunteering)

  No interest Not interested Undecided Interested Very interested
Working on the reserve
Working in the Visitor Centre
- Retail
- Catering
- Education
- Welcoming
Working with young people
Working with older people
Planning activities
Delivering activities
Marketing and Publicity
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Website
- Newsletter

* 10. If I was to volunteer I would hope to

  Not at all Not really Not concerned Would be good Very much so
Get new skills
Make more friends
Be a part of the community
Improve the local environment
Become fitter and more active
Get respect from others in the community
Get respect from family and friends
Improve my mental health and well being
Improve my employment opportunities

* 11. The types of things that could stop me volunteering include:

  Not at all Not really Not concerned Would be good Very much so
Access to toilets
Accessibility (disabled and/or medical condition)
Lack of shelter in bad weather
Lack of volunteer opportunities
Lack of support available
Lack of skills
Lack of confidence and self esteem
Young people aren’t made to feel welcome here
These questions are to help us understand our visitors' profile

* 12. What is your gender?

* 14. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

* 21. Are you are member of

* 22. Any additional comments

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* 23. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to hear about future events, are interested in volunteering and/or supporting our fundraising campaign for a new Visitor Centre, please complete