Has the industry really started to tackle discounting? Do you feel more or less pressure to lower your prices than last year? Are big high street retailers discounting less?

We want to build a clearer picture of whether the industry’s approach to discounting has changed since last year, what the concerns are now and the best pricing strategies for success.

Tell us how you feel, what you’ve observed and what’s happening in your business in this anonymous survey. The exclusive insight from the survey, which closes on 22 September, will be shared in an upcoming issue of Drapers and online.

Please note, this survey is for retailers and brands. If you are from another part of the fashion industry, a related industry or you are a student, we would love to hear your views on discounting, but please email them to us at drapers@emap.com rather than filling out the survey.

First, a couple of questions to establish what kind of business you own/work for (these are the only two questions requiring answers, the rest are up to you!):