Welcome to the Digital Inclusion Survey

We believe that digital inclusion involves more than just those who do and those who do not have access to technology.
Everyone has their own emotions and perspectives on new technology that might differ according to context and background. Through this survey we want to capture and visualise what that looks like.

Here, you will be asked to give your perception of a range of existing and emerging technologies. Some of them will be well known to you, others you might be more uncertain about. We want to capture your main feelings about adopting that technology.

This survey is available in other languages by following the links below;

Spanish Survey 
Portuguese Survey
French Survey
Mandarin Survey

Please note that your answers to all questions are used for our statistical analysis only - the information you provide will in no way be used to identify you personally and all responses will remain completely anonymous. All of the findings will remain completely confidential and cannot be attributed to any one individual.
Please ensure that where age requires you to get permission from your guardians, please do so before starting the survey.