The responses to this survey are to be used in a piece of research reviewing the amount that the creative industries export and will include the full value of digital exports. This research will be vital in benchmarking the growth in exports from the sector. 

All results will be anonymous in the final release. Results will not be shared beyond those conducting the research: the Creative Industries Federation, the Creative Industries Council and the Centre for Economics and Business Research. Thank you so much for your help with this research. 

* 1. Name

* 2. Job title

* 3. Company (enter 'freelance' if self-employed)

* 4. Which creative industry sub-sector do you operate in? (select only one, select which is most appropriate)

* 5. Do you operate in the video games industry?

* 6. In which nation or region of the UK is the majority of your organisation based?

* 7. How many people work in your organisation in the UK?

* 8. How large are your annual UK revenues?

* 9. What percentage of your UK revenues consist of officially reported exports?

* 10. What do you think is your actual proportion of exports, as a percentage of total revenues?

* 11. What percentage of your primary business activity would you classify as being digital?

* 12. What percentage of your exports is digitally/electronically delivered?

* 13. What are the main platforms you use to facilitate digital exports?

* 14. What percentage of your production input costs are imports?

* 15. What percentage of your imports are digitally delivered?