Answer the questions from the checklist rating each of the factors from a scale of 1 to 5 based on how confident you feel each one is being dealt with.

Your responses will then be evaluated by one of our digital change consultants, who will get in touch to arrange a suitable time to discuss them and help you develop a plan of action to address any of the issues or gaps you have highlighted.

The free assessment will be no longer than 1 hour and will be carried out as a virtual meeting with you and or your team.

Our digital change consultant will also share with you seven digital strategies, which have been key to our successful implementations, including the benefits they have helped our clients achieve.

We hope you find our digital change readiness assessment useful and enjoyable and look forward to evaluating the results from your completed checklist soon.

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* 1. Are you walking in the customers' shoes?

All digital change efforts should start by knowing your customers and the experiences you are trying to create. Without this insight, it can be difficult to know if you are delivering what your customers want. At Intergence we believe that the only way this can be achieved is by spending time walking the floor of your business talking to your customers and teams.

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* 2. Are you thinking strategically?

All digital change efforts should be driven by strategy. But some businesses don’t have a shared picture of what ‘going digital’ really means, why they are doing it or how it will help them achieve their long-term goals. Its important, therefore, that any digital change effort is aligned to a plan for achieving the overall aims of your business.

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* 3. Are you focusing on outcomes?

Too often digital change efforts tend to focus on the tech rather than the results you are trying to achieve. Without a mechanism in place, to measure, track and realise benefits, results are lost and there is no way of knowing if you are achieving a return from your investment. At Intergence we believe a benefits management process should be in place right from the start to bring clarity, pace and predictability to your project delivery.

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* 4. Are you starting with quick wins?

There is a tendency with digital change efforts to focus on grand visions and transforming everything all at once. The reality is the only way to get there is by taking one step at a time. Starting with quick wins builds momentum and tell everyone the project is winning. Quick wins must be simple and easy to implement. If they require lots of time and effort, they are not a quick win.

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* 5. Are you being Agile (and pragmatic)?

Successful implementation of new technology requires a very different approach, which everyone signs up to right from the start. All digital projects should work iteratively to be responsive to change. Regular customer feedback is vital, not just at the beginning and the end. People deliver projects and frequent communication is key as well as simple tooling to increase teamwork, collaboration and creativity.

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* 6. Are you managing change?

Business change is the most difficult part, yet far too often too much focus is placed on the technology, adding complexity with little gain. Automating existing processes will result in some improvements but won’t necessarily hit a big return. At Intergence we believe in a pragmatic approach to managing change, which runs alongside your Agile project, eliminating waste, errors and delays and changing culture step by step.

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* 7. Are you making change stick?

Real change only occurs when people stop doing some things and start doing others. At the end of the project, when team members return to their roles, it's so easy to revert back to old habits. Don’t hand everything over to business-as-usual. Equip your project team with the knowledge, skills and responsibility to embed change, keep going and don’t let up!

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