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What is this survey about?
Social workers in the UK use digital technologies and resources every day. But little is known about their overall experiences, knowledge, concerns and hopes for the future in relation to digital technology.

As digital technologies evolve at pace and affect the lives of all of us personally and professionally, by completing this survey you will make a vital contribution to ensuring social workers are supported, confident, knowledgeable, skilled - and can influence the development of digital in our sector.

The guidance and social worker capabilities will be based on wide engagement with social workers, people who use services and other stakeholders. Your views matter! 

What will be the outcome(s) of this survey?

The data from this survey will be combined with information gathered from the focus groups, interviews and workshops, and analysed. The survey will have a direct impact on the project output. Your responses to this survey will not be individually identifiable. Quotes from free text responses may be anonymised and used in publications.

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Please complete as many questions as relevant to you, most questions in this survey are optional.