Share your views with BASW 

We are inviting you to participate in this survey which is part of the Digital Capabilities for Social Workers project managed by BASW and SCIE. This is because you expressed interest in contributing to the project.

We are looking for your feedback on our plans for the Digital Capabilities Statement. This will identify the skills and knowledge that social workers should have for effective practice using digital technology.

We have developed the Statement with the support of a sector-wide Advisory Group and through focus groups of social workers. We are confident that we are focusing on the right issues, but before we finalise the Statement, we want to check our approach with a wide range of professionals in different roles in social work. We also want to know your views about how the Digital Capabilities Statement can be used by practitioners, managers and services and what will help to embed it into practice.

The answers you provide will help us to finalise the statement which is due for publication in late March 2020.

Please submit your response by 17 February 2020.

Definition of digital

Based on the results of a survey of social workers about their understanding of ‘digital technology’ we define it broadly to include:

-          Electronic systems (software)

-          Hardware – for instance computers, mobile phones and devices

-          Online resources for professionals and people using services

-          Assistive technologies

-          Social media and social networking

-          Informatics and the use of data reports to improve care and services

-          Data analysis by social workers and practitioners to determine the care that people need

-          Connectivity – e.g. wireless internet access and accessing systems offsite

-          E-learning - e.g. online courses and webinars

Question Title

* 1. Do you agree or disagree with this definition? Please explain your answer