It’s a myth that older people no longer want or need a sex life. Sexuality doesn’t just disappear as you age! A recent report by the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing found that two-thirds of men and women aged 50 – 90 years old said that sex was an important part of a relationship. They also found that people are still sexually active into their 80s and 90s! However, we know that many older people might not consider their sexual health to be important for a number of reasons. We also know that older people find that the sexual health information and support that’s available is in many cases geared towards younger people and they would like to see more age appropriate information and support freely available. So, here’s your chance to have your say! Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you think and what you’d like to see happening for older

* 1. Age Group

* 2. Are you:

* 3. Have you changed partners or had more than one sexual partner in the last 12 months?

* 4. Have you had a sexual health check up in the last 12 months?

* 5. If you answered 'yes' to Q4, was it because:

* 6. If you answered 'No' to Q4, was it because:

* 7. There's no point wearing a condom if you or your partner can't get pregnant

* 8. Can older people get a sexually transmitted infection or HIV?

* 9. Would you be interested in seeing more freely available:

* 10. If you answered 'Yes' to any part of Q9, how would you prefer to access information and support?

* 11. Would you be interested in helping us to develop and shape a sexual health information and support programme for older people?

* 12. Would you be interested in becoming a Sexual Health Champion Volunteer?
(As a Sexual Health Champion Volunteer you will have an opportunity to be trained in all aspects of sexual health and to receive ongoing support from Dhiverse. This will equip you to be able to support the sexual health and well-being of older people in your area?)

* 13. If you answered YES to either Q11 or Q12 or if you would like to speak to someone about Sexual Health support, please let us know the best way to contact you. Please give e.g. mobile number, email (this contact information will not be shared with anyone outside of Dhiverse).

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