Applying for support to form a Dementia Friendly Community

We have a unique opportunity to support you to make your local community dementia friendly. Leeds Older People's Forum received funding from Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group to intensively support two North Leeds Communities as a dementia friendly community. 

Our designated ‘Dementia Friendly Leeds Communities Officer’  will be offering close support and guidance on:

Ensuring local organisations such as banks, schools, faith groups and cafes have awareness of dementia and front line staff are confident in supporting customers with dementia

Setting up regular dementia friends sessions for the local community to attend

Creating social media pages where people can go for information about dementia and services locally

Support to look at current provision and improve/set up new groups such as dementia cafes

Support to train volunteer dementia friends to set up befriending matches with local people with dementia

Support to empower people with dementia to be integral to dementia friendly changes in your area

Writing press releases and celebrating your great efforts in the local media

Running successful networking events for local groups to learn about dementia and partner together


The support will last a minimum of a year, from, June 2017 – June 2018. By the end of the year, we hope to have made good progress in changing attitudes and providing support, so that people living with dementia locally and carers feel better supported, understood and able to contribute to their local communities.

This is a great opportunity to receive regular support to make a real difference to people in your community who are living with dementia. We can also support you to set up officially as a Dementia Friendly Community with Alzheimer’s Society’s recognition process.

If you wish to apply, please read the following guidelines carefully, then fill in the questions below:





To apply you must:

Be based in North Leeds CCG area   Click here for link to map

Have at least 3 key people who are committed to developing your dementia friendly area, preferably from different backgrounds (e.g. council, business, faith, school, volunteer)

Have the time and capacity to develop dementia friendly work over a year period (June 2017– June 2018)

Be skilled and enthusiastic about working with and inspiring local people


Please note, whilst we will offer regular support, it is the local community themselves who will be implementing the changes and awareness. Our role is to offer intensive guidance and encouragement to you, and empower you to make a difference to your local community.

* 1. What is your local area?

* 2. Please provide a main contact name

* 3. Please provide a contact email

* 4. Please provide a contact phone number

* 5. Please describe some of the key assets of your local community, and how you will use these to your advantage with dementia friendly work

* 6. Why are you interested in making your local community dementia friendly?

* 7. Please tell us about your key people involved, and their skills and background:

* 8. Please tell us of any dementia friendly work that already exists in your area/work you have already done (e.g. dementia friends champions, groups for people with dementia, initial discussions)