Here's Some Information Before You Get Started...

Thank you so much for joining us!

Goldsmiths Students’ Union have launched Decolonising Goldsmiths, a campaign to challenge racial inequality at Goldsmiths College. This includes the black and minority ethnic (BME) attainment gap, microaggressions and steps towards decolonising the college. As part of this campaign we are doing a big piece of research from 30th January – 1st March 2019 into BME student experience in relation to these themes. The findings will be anonymous and used to inform institutional (college and students’ union) recommendations and strategies.

Advance HE, a leading body in this area, include only “non-white” students in its categorisation of 'BME.' This research will do the same for sake of producing comparable data to national research.  However, Goldsmiths Students’ Union recognises the limitations of the term ‘BME’ as it assumes that minority ethnic students are a homogenous group. To mitigate, we have included ethnic categories that aren’t typically included in demographic questions.

*Therefore, please note that only BME students can take part in this research*
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