We're Dorset's Family Information Service, part of Dorset County Council. We provide information, support and advice to parents, carers, young people and professionals working with families. This covers childcare, schools, activities, parenting support, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and much more. We'd like to know how you prefer to receive information, so we can improve our service and communicate with Dorset families effectively. Tell us what you think by taking part in our quick survey.

* 1. Please select the age range of your child(ren), or those you care for:

* 2. Do you have a child or young person with special educational needs or disability?

* 3. Were you aware of the Family Information Service before taking part in this survey?

* 4. If yes, how did you hear about us?

* 5. Where do you go online to find information for your family?

* 6. Where else would you go to find information for your family?

* 7. How do you prefer to be contacted with family related information?

* 8. What social media platforms do you use?

* 9. If you had a question about childcare for your family, how would you choose to ask us?

  most likely quite likely not very likely only if no other option available 
via a Facebook private message to Family Information Service
to a closed Facebook group where it would be answered by the Family Information Service
by emailing the Family Information Service
arranging an online live chat with the Family Information Service
over the phone 
text message

* 10. Are there any other ways you would ask, or organisations you might contact if you had a question about childcare or childcare funding?

* 11. What information is currently most useful to your family?

* 12. Is there any family related information that has been difficult for you to find, or you feel should be made more accessible to parents/carers?

* 13. How did you hear about this survey?

* 14. Would you like to sign up to receive a monthly parent e-newsletter from Dorset's Family Information Service? If you choose to provide us with your email, we will send you a link to sign up. Your email will not be used for any other purpose, or shared with any third parties.

* 15. Do you have any other comments?