We need your views about the Care and Treatment Review Policy

Care and Treatment Reviews are for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism who are in learning disability and mental health hospitals, and for people at risk of going into one.   The Care and Treatment Policy came out in October 2015. It is part of NHS England’s work on Transforming Care for people with learning disabilities and/or autism and their families.

We are asking people what they think about the Care and Treatment Review (CTR) policy.  This is because we need to update the policy from time to time, so it carries on working well. We will publish an updated policy during November 2016.

Why are we doing this?

Feedback from CTRs shows they lead to good outcomes for children, young people and their families when the policy is followed and when people understand the underlying principles and values.  They make sure that children and young people only go into learning disability and mental health hospitals when there is no more appropriate  choice. They check that people feel safe and help to improve care and planning, either in the community or in hospital.  They check everything is in place for children and young people to leave hospital as soon as they can.  CTRs aim to support children and young people to have a real say over their care and plans for the future.  This leads to real change in people’s lives. But a CTR which does not follow policy often leads to fewer improvements than one that does.

We want the CTR policy to be clear and make sure CTRs are always carried out well, so they lead to real and lasting change for every child and young person who has one.

We know the summer holidays are not an ideal time to ask parent carers questions, but did want you to know there is a longer list of questions that we are asking about the CTR policy that we would really welcome your views on.  Bringing Us Together have agreed to post a few questions per week on their website for you to think about and post your answer.  They will then pass these on to NHS England.    

Question Title

* 1. Should the CTR panel ask to see evidence  of what they are told e.g. care plans, risk assessments, health action plan, medicine prescription chart, person-centred working?

Question Title

* 2. What other things does the team need proof of?

Question Title

* 3. Can you give an example of when this happened or didn’t happen?

Question Title

* 4. Did it affect how the CTR was carried out? If yes, how?

Thanks for taking the time to answer the first set of questions.  We have ten sets in total.  Please subscribe to updates at Bringing Us Together to ensure you don't miss one - your input is really important.