I have some questions for you...

Hello! You've been chosen for this very short survey for a reason. We (a small social enterprise based in the SW and working on systems change) are doing some simple research on "creative disruption" - which for the purposes of this survey, means doing things deliberately differently as a means of creating constructive change. Something we consider we do here at Permanently Brilliant, and we know we're not alone.

This could be changing the way things work; changing for the better how people are able to run their lives; enabling people to consider changing old habits of thought. It might be stepping into a gap to do something that no-one else is doing and changing our presumptions about who should do what, as a result. Or it could be working inside an existing structure to deliberately challenge the status quo.

From our network of contacts, you seem to us, or someone else you know, to be a potential or active Creative Disruptor. The point of this super brief survey is to assess what support we Disruptors could all do with to ramp up the impact of the change we're trying, collectively, to create;  and to see how we can encourage others to consider if they are able to challenge what they think isn't quite right. I know what I would like to have access to, to help me create the positive change I work on ... and I'm wondering if there are more like me. Maybe you have some ideas, too. Ready?

You can tick more than one box *for every single question*....

* 1. How would you describe the area in which you are creating change, in your work and/or voluntary capacity?

* 2. Would you define your efforts as:

* 3. Which area do you work in?

* 4. How do you currently sustain your determination and energies?

* 5. Do you find yourself, usually, leading or following?

* 6. If you could get some rocket fuel on tap ( ie help, energy and support!) would it be:

* 7. If you could access other disciplines, to help you understand more, achieve more, or communicate better, what would be useful for you? If you can, explain how it would help in the "More Thoughts!" box below.

* 8. Is the work you do to create this change paid or voluntary?

* 9. What are the hardest things about being creatively disruptive, for you personally?

* 10. What are the best things about being creatively disruptive, for you personally?

* 11. How do you engage with people who have strongly opposing beliefs to yours?

* 12. Why do you think you put your energy into being creatively disruptive?

* 13. Do you find your inspiration for creating change and carrying on:

* 14. Do you find it easy to find the support you need to create change?

* 15. If you know of someone else you feel could benefit from the sort of support we're asking about, please do send this survey link onto them. If someone has sent it to you (ie rather than directly from us) please say so below and let us know your email so we can keep you posted on developments. Thank you!

* 16. Having answered these questions, would you describe yourself as a creative disruptor, or as something else? Either way - choose from the below - and add your own thoughts too...  (you can tick more than one option. :))

* 17. Has anyone asked you why you do the sort of things you do, before?

* 18. As Director of CoaST and Permanently Brilliant, and a Creative Disruptor myself, I have lots of ideas about the support and networking with other disruptive minds I would love to have, to enable me to be more effective. Do you have more thoughts on this, or on this survey and the questions it asks, that you'd like to add below?