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* 1. What type of membership do you have?

* 2. Please enter your details

* 3. Our current online booking system allows bookings 7 days in advance and opens at 6.15am (before all classes start).
Please tick below your preferred time (please select one)

* 4. Our cancellation policy is currently 3hrs+.  
Would you like to see this increased to allow all customers the chance to book the available space?

* 5. What do you think our minimum cancellation time should be?

* 6. Currently full members have unlimited class bookings available, which stops other customers being able to book.
Which of the following do you think is a fair amount of bookings available per week for members?

* 7. Spin classes are extremely busy as we only have room for 10 bikes.  
To allow all customers a fair chance of booking a spin class, we would like to set a limit of 1 spin class per day.  Would you agree this is a good idea?

* 8. We currently have a 3 strike rule in a  28 day rolling period for missed classes, the member will then be restricted booking classes for 7 days.
Do you think this is good policy?

* 9. If you answered No to Question:8 please let us know which policy below you would prefer?

* 10. Would you be interested in 6 week courses rather than 'drop in classes' for sessions such as Pilates , Baby Yoga, Back care classes)?

* 11. If you answered Yes to Question 10 how much would you be prepared to pay for a 6 week course? (swim, Life Guard training & exercise class courses are not included in any memberships)

* 12. We now offer over 90 classes per week including Mind&Body, Strength, Cardio, Hydro, Martial Arts, Metabolic, Dance , stroke rehab and FREE weight management classes.  
What classes would you like to see more of? (you can click more than one choice)

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